On this page you'll find pictures of some of our up-coming models - but not all of them, we don't want to spoil the fun after all.

You'll also find some painted figures I've done for my own collection.

New things to look at from the studio of Galloping Major

 Concept sketches for two more Stockbridge Mohicans above, and below two more Rangers/Backwoods Militia

 Two more Anglo-American Provincials in cut down hats

 and a sergeant for the Anglo-American Provincials in cut down hats.


Sketches for figures from Stretch Goal packs for the Kickstarter "Allies on the Frontier": Anglo-American Provincial in Short Coats & Cut Down Hats


Impending launch of new KICKSTARTER "Allies on the Frontier", above two Stockbridge Mohicans, below two Rangers/Backwoods Militia.

And below, a new Special Character figure: Captain Jacob Cheeksaunkun of the Stockbridge Mohicans.


 Above: Officer with Fuzee and soldier from the La Marine Command in Vestes pack. Below Left: the last soldier of 6 from FIW FCF1, Below Right: a soldier in coat firing.

 Below: 3 soldiers in veste and bonnet.



Above: some of the updated work-in-progress pictures of Compagnies Franches de la Marine in vestes.

Below: more work-in-progress pictures of Compagnies Franches de la Marine in "Canadian dress".


 New T-shirt, currently only available as an add-on to the La Marine Kickstarter at a special price. 


My quick concept sketch of the figure I'll be sculpting to accompany pledges of 4 packs or more from Stretch Goal 2. He is a Compagnies Franches officer in capote and mitasses. As there is no command pack planned for the La Marine in capotes, this little character should prove pretty useful. 


New work from our studio: The figure below will accompany all pledges of 4 packs or more for our "La Marine" Kickstarter stretch goal - free. 

Above: three more concept sketches for the Compagnies Franches de la Marine in small clothes. Left is the drummer for command pack FIW FCF6 (drummers wore red veste and breeches instead of blue), the other two are one each for packs one for each pack FIW FCF4 & 5. Below is the first sketch for a soldier of "La Marine" in coat for the Stretch goal of our Kickstarter.


A couple of concept sketches for "La Marine"; above, one for pack FIW FCF2 (rear) and one for FIW FCF1. Below one for each pack FIW FCF4 & 5 - these two show the general appearance of Compagnies Franches in "small clothes": blue sleeved waistcoat (veste) and breeches with white gaiters. 


3 different angle shots of Compagnies Franches de la Marine soldiers in Canadian/outpost clothes for the new Kickstarter.

A figure representing Montreal born Daniel Hyacinthe de Lienard de Beaujeau at the battle of Monongahela, but could easily well be used to represent other officers of La Marine in "native dress" (concept sketch). This figure will be sent out free with all Kickstarter pledges for 6 packs or more.


First 2 figures for the Campagnies Franches de la Marine Kickstarter, these will be for pack FIW FCF1 in Canadian/outpost dress and bonnet. Below, the first 3 from pack FIW FCF2 in Canadian/outpost dress and tuque (knitted cap, usually in red or blue for Compagnies Franches).


3 Figures from Redcoats pack SYW/FIW B10 British Line Infantry Hat Company Skirmishing.


3 characters for packs FIW BRT3 & 4  

A figure from forthcoming pack SYW/FIW B1 painted as a soldier of the 58th Foot. 


Just to help give a better idea of the content of the second command pack in stretch goal 1, here are the 3 figures I sketched for this; left to right: officer with pistol, ensign/officer with polearm, officer with fusil and bayonet. 


Concept art for Mounted Senior Officer - the stretch goal 2 Special Limited Release figure for the Redcoats Kickstarter. This Gent is the mounted version of the Senior Officer Limited Release figure for the Kickstarter first stage.


 Concept art for one of the sergeants for a pack in stretch goal 2 of the Redcoats Kickstarter.


Concept art for Junior Officer - the stretch goal 1 Special Limited Release figure for the Redcoats Kickstarter.





The Limited Edition senior officer figure that will go out to all backers of our Redcoats Kickstarter at £49 or more - he'll only be available with the Kickstarter and not thereafter.


A better angle on those first painted 60th Foot


 The 'Project Image' for our forthcoming Kickstarter, through which we hope to launch our British regulars in style. More pictures of the first painted figures and more sculpts coming soon. See the post on the NEWS page - feedback if you like these please.


All 6 soldiers from the first pack for the Kickstarter painted - back and front views.


The two Ensigns for the command pack for the Kickstarter.


Soldiers of the 60th Foot painted

Sculpted: 60th Foot kneeling firing. 3 variants will be in the pack with the 3 standing firing below.

 Three men of the 60th Foot firing - no lace on the coats and I've sculpted them without swords. They could also be painted as soldiers of H.M. Independent Companies of Foot - more on this later.

 5 of the 6 British regular "Hatmen" from the first upcoming pack "charge your bayonet". Designed to be equally impressive on the battlefields of Europe from the 1740s-1760s, as well as the skirmish grounds and hard-fought battles of North America.

Rear view of the same group, the first man is a corporal as indicated by his shoulder cord. 


The 6th man from the pack (though the first sculpted).


For the latest information about our approaching British Infantry, go to the NEWS page.

Mounted and dismounted versions of an 1880s US Cavalry trooper from The Western Range. The dismounted version is from pack TWR USC1, the mounted version has yet to be released.

Views of the captain figure from C18 NAV1, 18th Century Sailors Command & Characters, which I painted as a British Royal Navy captain a few days ago, the collection of 4 packs as a unit deal and as individual packs are now in the online shop.

The new Soldiers Free sailor with boarding axe and knife will be included in the C18 sailors unit deal.

Pack C18 NAV1, 18th Century Sailors Command & Characters, from the left they are: Captain, Lieutenant, Midshipman and 3 sailor characters.

Pack C18 NAV2, 18th Century Sailors with Close Quarter Weapons 1

Pack C18 NAV3, 18th Century Sailors with Close Quarter Weapons 2

Pack C18 NAV4, 18th Century Sailors with Muskets.


2nd completed sculpt for pack 1 of Compagnies Franches de la Marine Below: the first sculpt (when it was almost finished, I added one detail after I took this picture).


 Canadian militia and Huron allies launch an attack.


The last 5 sculpts to complete the 2 Hand-to-Hand and Close-Quarters packs.


All 6 sculpts for the Sailors With Muskets pack.


The new Soldiers Free figure with boarding axe and knife that will accompany the 4 pack deal.


A bit better view of the 4 sculpts from the picture below which will feature in the Command & Characters pack along with the captain and the senior rating with a pair of pistols and reversed tricorne pictured earlier. These four are a lieutenant, midshipman and two senior ratings.


The sculpts of the 14 Naval/Merchant crew figures not shown previously, to complete the 4 packs. More pictures to follow soon, including the new "Soldiers Free" unit deal figure and something special for those customers who-preordered.


The second three bow-armed Mohawk, the pack of 6 will be released as soon as production castings are ready. (See further down this page for the other 3 figures in the pack).


Another 18th Century sailor character.


A British officer for the regulars.


Another C18 sailor, this one armed with boarding axe and pistol.


A little aside from the 18th Century, a couple of gunfighters for The Western Range, one armed with a pair of Colt Peacemakers, the other carries a big gauge sawn-off shotgun and has a holstered revolver. When this pack is completed and ready for release I'm thinking of calling it "Hired Guns & Hard Cases" - the first of an occasional series within the range.


Naval Captain, I really enjoyed sculpting this little gent.


3 more sailors

 Fourth sailor sculpt for the naval crews packs, pistol and cutlass; more are finished and will appear as I photograph them.


 Above is our first British regular infantryman to be shown, I put him up on the NEWS page as a sneak peek on 19th August, which seems a good way of keeping a secret, as very few people seem to go onto that page. This particular pose is "push your bayonet" which is the next 'move' from "charge high your bayonet", the classic British army bayonet fighting stance for which the redcoat was famed and feared. These British regulars will also be ideal for European engagements of the Seven Years War.


Here are my first three completed sailors since the one released as a "Soldiers Free" to accompany sales of the Ainsty ships. These three are in shirt-sleeves and 'slops', the dress will vary among the figures: there was no uniform specified for naval hands at the time though the seafaring man had a highly recognisable style of dress which clearly differentiated him from the "land-lubber"; officers' uniforms in the British Royal Navy became subject to regulation from 1748. Two of these examples are armed with pistol and knife, the third with a blunderbuss, the weaponry of the rest of the crewmen will vary to include cutlasses, boarding axes and muskets.

There'll be more to show before long, another twelve sailors are currently in progress including a ship's captain.

The first release will comprise 4 x 6 figure packs including a command pack and will appear as a pre-order deal first. Gun crew packs will be added later.

Ships' crews in the French & Indian War can man ships and boats in coastal and river operations and on the Great Lakes, as well as serving ashore in supporting roles and as landing parties from the Monongahela to Quebec and beyond. But our sailors won't, of course, be limited to service in the American colonies, nor to the service of King George: they'll serve on the high seas in actions against their national enemies and attacking enemy colonial ports, chasing down pirates, heading off smugglers in home waters and manning and bravely defending the merchant vessels preyed upon by pirates. For that reason as well as carrying our French & Indian War range logo, our sailor packs will be the first to carry our 18th Century Adventure range logo.



The first three bow-armed Mohawk mastered - three more to finish sculpting before release, alongside a lot more work in progress: more news soon.


Third sculpt for the pack of bow-armed Mohawk.


An officer with his fuzee (fusil) tucked comfortably under his arm. This is a sculpt which I had the concept for some time back and couldn't resist finishing recently, he'll be putting in an appearance at some as yet unspecified point.


 Reinforcements for the French forces are on the horizon, the first sculpt completed for the Compagnies Franches de la Marine in outpost duty atire. I've since added a tassel to his cap.


Second completed sculpt for the pack of bow-armed Mohawk.

An officer from FIW AAM3 Anglo-American Militia Command, painted. I chose to paint the coat and breeches in a rich deep brown, with contrasting waistcoat, as shown in many portraits of the period of wealthy gentlemen in the American colonies of the period.


Soldiers Free Anglo-American militiaman will be included in the pre-order deal.

The contents of all 4 packs of Anglo-American Militia currently available on pre-order. Pictures of the "Soldiers Free" for the deal will be added soon.All these figures are also suitable for use as non-uniformed Provincials.

FIW AAM4 Anglo-American Militia with Bayonets  

FIW AAM3 Anglo-American Militia Command

FIW AAM2 Anglo-American Militia Firing Line 2

FIW AAM1 Anglo-American Militia Firing Line 1


The character from FIW AAC3 who I think of as the inn-keeper, although he could be one of any number of tradesmen or merchants.


Another character from FIW AAC3 painted.


2 more Anglo-American Militia (or Non-Uniformed Provincials) with bayonets.

The Parson from pack FIW AAC3 - I really felt the need to paint this one. 


A homesteader for The Western Range, he won't be available for a while yet, as I have yet to sculpt the other 3 figures for the pack he'll be in, but I thought he would be useful to indicate that western civilians will be along. As well as defending the homestead from renegades and other bad characters, he would easily do good service in many other roles, as a town citizen, freighter, vigilante ...


Another completed sculpt for the Anglo-American Militia firing line packs.


The first 3 of the 6 figures for the pack of Anglo-American Militia with bayonets - the other 3 are in progress. As well as militia, these will be especially suited for use as Provincials before uniforms were issued, or to represent the provincial troops from any of the colonies which did not issue uniforms, or just to give added variety to other provincial units.

Master castings of 6 figures for the Anglo American Militia. You'll find 2 more militiamen, a drummer and an officer further down this page.

A Soldiers Free figure for The Western Range

The first prototype figure I sculpted for The Western Range, I managed to resist painting one for quite some time, but here's the result; I'm really hoping to see some of these appearing on the Customers' Gallery page before too long.

Castings of him will be going out free with qualifying orders - for more details see the Soldiers Free page.


Here are the last 2 of the 6 characters for the Settlers Defending Command & Characters pack, as promised. The lower of the two I think of as my Innkeeper, but wearing his tradesman's apron with the 'bib' buttoned to his waistcoat in classic 18th century style, he could easily be a merchant or craftsman of any sort.

The Preacher/Parson from the Settlers Defending Command & Characters pack, the original rough concept sketch I made showed him with pince-nez specs, but while sculpting the face, I decided the figure really didn't need them as he worked very well without them for the sort of character I wanted, so I left them off. That makes 4 of the characters sketched for the pack already on the website, the other 2 are all but complete, so I'll photograph them and get the pics up on here very soon.


I've painted 3 of the figures from FIW BPT5 as members of my "Jersey Blues" unit of Provincials.

The Militia begin to assemble.


The first 3 Anglo-American Militiamen other than their officer (scroll down this page) to be completed to far, though several others are currently in progress. They have a generally more "campaign ready" appearance than the Settlers Defending, as they are wearing coats and carrying an assortment of equipment, but will mix in nicely with them if desired. The Militia will also serve well as Provincials from any of those several colonies which did not provide uniforms for their troops.


3rd character out of 6 for the Settlers Defending Command & Characters Pack, the first 2 sculpts and concept sketches can be found further down this page, the other 3 are in progress, watch this space.

Pack FIW HUR4 Huron Warriors with Hand-to-Hand Weapons - close allies if the French and implacable enemies of the Iroquois, especially the Mohawk, and their British allies, these warriors are ready for action with tomahawks, knives and clubs.


The whole pack of FIW BPT5 as grey painted castings, front and back shots.


This is the "Provincials Under Attack" pack containing a corporal and five men all in different poses to represent a more "hard pressed" group or to add greater variety to your units where wanted.


One of the six new sculpts for the Provincials Under Attack pack, all six will appear soon on this page as grey undercoated castings.

Two of the new sculpts for the Huron Warriors with Hand-to-Hand Weapons pack



 2 angles of a painted figure from the up-coming pack FIW AAC3 Anglo-American Settlers Defending Command & Characters.

The concept sketches for the full pack can be found further down this page.  

Soldiers Free Provincial 

Painted as a soldier of the Virginia Regiment

The Provincials Release

An overview of the 4 packs and "Soldiers Free" figure in the Provincials release.

Militia Officer 

While working on the last few figures for the Provincials Pre-Order, I felt inspired to start work on this chap as an officer for the Anglo-American Militia, as those provincials are being master moulded, I've finished sculpting him. It's quite easy to see this gentleman fulfilling various other roles too.I have a few other militiamen currently in very early stages, the chief difference between them and the Armed Settlers is that they'll be wearing coats and carrying more equipment, the intention being that both types will be able to be mixed in units or not as required.

The AA Militia will also serve well as Provincials from those colonies which did not issue uniforms.

Drummer for the Provincials Command


First sculpts for the Anglo-American Settlers Command & Characters


The concept sketches for the full pack can be found further down this page.

2 Corporals for the Provincials 


Here are a couple of variants of the Anglo-American provincial soldiers as corporals for the Company Command Pack. They'll be in a pack with the 2 officers and the sergeant which have already appeared on the site, and a drummer, who is in work in progress.

A couple more Provincials 


The second officer figure for the Provincials Command Pack and work in progress on another pose for the Provincials - loading.


You'll find more pictures of the upcoming Provincials further down this page and others on the Blog page.

New Mohawk Sculpt


This is the first completed sculpt (master casting) for a future pack of Mohawk warriors armed with bows.

Rough Concept Sketches for Settlers Command & Characters


I don't always make concept sketches for my sculpts, but this pack are one of the exceptions, I made the sketches at the time I was sculpting the Settlers Defending packs, as I didn't want to risk losing the concepts that I had in my head by the time I started sculpting them. The first green of one of these can be seen on the blog page.

New pack of Canadian Militia

The pack (FIW FCM4) in the online shop soon:


The second painted figure:


 Here's the first figure we've shown from this pack, due for release soon.


New Soldiers Free character 


See the Soldiers Free page for more information about howc you can use him and paint him.

Settlers Defending

I painted another settler the other day:


These 2 packs are now available to order for details see the Online Shop page.




Well, I clearly haven't got the hang of my new (replacement) camera on closeup shots yet, looking a bit grainy, but as I painted this chap from the new Settlers packs some weeks ago, I thought it was time he got an airing.


Here are the last three figures for the first two settler packs, available soon on the site.



As well as the Provincials, work is progressing on our "Armed Settlers", here are  6 that have just been sculpted, others are under-way and a scroll down this page will reveal 3 others sculpted earlier. These will make up or mix into an Anglo-American militia unit (we're planning militia in coats to follow) but they are initially intended to represent colonists defending against a sudden attack on a settlement or stockade - they will also prove useful in all sorts of other mid 18th Century scenarios taking up arms against or in support of highwaymen and footpads, pirates, smugglers, revenuers and soldiers. I have plans to paint the fellow wearing a rather natty wig and priming his piece (standing above) to represent a local gentleman, doctor or lawyer. They'll be joined later by female settlers, both armed and unarmed.

Provincials - Work in Progress: 


Things are happening with the Provincials (Anglo-American colonial regulars), so here are pictures of the first three poses (there are more being worked on). These three are work in progress rather than completed sculpts; they'll be going away shortly for master casting, those castings will be used for head/hat swaps and the addition of musket straps and, for some versions, additional items of equipment.

Major Robert Rogers painted. 


The Provincials are coming

Sculpt of our first provincial officer, and below, the first of a planned pack of Huron Warriors with clubs and tomahawks.


Major Robert Rogers

of His Majesty's Independent Companies of American Rangers

Various angles on the recently completed green sculpt of Major Robert Rogers, the castings of which will appear with two more ranger figures in our first Personality Pack.

 Another armed settler, they'll start to appear in packs later.

Two more figures for the Rangers Command pack, ready for master mould making. That's the 5 below, plus the officer firing a fusil a little further down the page to complete the pack.


2 more for the up-coming Rangers Command and Characters pack. The models in this pack will all be wearing a mix of caps and tricorns, suitable for all Ranger units of the period. In addition to the Command and Characters, we'll be releasing our first Personality Pack which will be Major Robert Rogers; as well as Rogers himself, this will contain two other Ranger characters.

A couple of the models for future packs: a new Mohawk and a Ranger Officer;


and for those who like to see some work in progress: first dollies for British Regulars and Provincials.


Here are some recently painted Mohawk, they'll migrate across to the Gallery page some time later:


A ranger of Capt Hezekiah Dunn's Rangers, see the Painting Guide.

Rangers from packs FIW RAN 1 & FIW RAN 2 painted as Rogers' Rangers


 Painted by Galloping Major

 First Ranger from FIW RAN 1 painted as a member of Rogers' Rangers.

ABOVE: 3 painted Huron from the new Command & Characters Pack.

BELOW: 3 painted Huron warriors, the 2 firing warriors are differently painted versions of the same figure.



Above & Below: 2 Huron from the Command & Characters pack FIW HUR 3



 Canadian Militia Officer and Militiaman from packsFIW FCM 3 & FIW FCM 1


Above: Canadian Militiaman from FIW FCM 1

Below: Canadian Militia Officer and Militiaman from packsFIW FCM 3 & FIW FCM 2




Rangers from pack FIW RAN 2 Rangers in Scots Bonnets

Two of our first Anglo-American armed settler greens. These will be released at some point after the next pack of Rangers (and probably after one or two more releases), to defend homesteads and stockaded settlements against rampaging French-allied Indians and Canadian Militia.

 Greens and concept work for recently released models



Concept rough sketches for Rangers

Here are some of our concept sketches for the first couple of packs of Rangers that we're currently working on (among other upcoming releases), we thought some of you out there may be interested in seeing them.

Our first two Ranger packs will be a pack of Rangers in caps, and one in Scots bonnets, enabling better control of the mix to represent the unit(s) you wish to recreate.

Command and character packs, dress and equipment variants, figures representing Rangers for specific units and campaigns, and Rangers dressed for winter weather will follow - keep an eye on this page for greens, more concept sketches, painted examples etc.